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US, Brazil & Argentina Ports Tighten Security On Ebola Risks

Ports in the US, Brazil and Argentina have ramped up entry procedures for ships sailing from West Africa as they aim to prevent the potential spread of Ebola. The stricter regulations are expected to add delays to vessels traveling from West Africa as port official try to determine if there are any infected people on board, including not just ship workers but stowaways as well. The US Coast Guard announced it will start screening individuals coming into the US from Ebola hot spots. Brazil says any ships having docked in Ebola affected countries within the last 21 days must undergo an analysis of medical records and logs showing medicine used before being granted clearance to even dock in Brazilian ports. The origin countries are Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. Argentina’s new clearance criteria are similar. If Ebola is diagnosed, the ships will be placed under quarantine. The Panama Canal last month actually began monitoring the last 10 ports of calls of all arriving vessels. Any ships found having an Ebola case on board will be placed in quarantine until Maritime Sanitation officials declare it is safe for boarding. (Source: Reuters)