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A HUGE Russian What If???

I hate to even bring this up, but what if these so called “economic sanctions” are exactly what Putin and the Russian’s wants to see happen.  Considering the fact Russia is clearly the “underdog” when matched against the worlds #1 (the US), and the world’s #2 (China), Putin understands he needs to be smarter and more creative if he is to ever make a move towards the top spot. With this in mind, maybe he is trying to actually entice harsh US sanctions?  This would then ultimately allow Putin to persuade his countrymen to abandon the US dollar all together. My point is if the US squeezes down hard enough and tries to enforce sanctions by limiting trade with the US dollar, Putin may simple create his own new world currency that buyers of Russian resources will use to exchange for goods.  This little move could potentially run a ripple through the global financial system like one we have never witnessed. Remember, both Russia and China (and several others) have been looking for a way out of the US dollar system for years. If Russia and Putin believe the time is right to leverage their “natural resources” in order to gain a more favorable foreign currency reserve position then the price of poker, in my opinion, just went through the roof.  If Russia decides to start demanding payments for natural resources in some NEW type of non US dollar denominated currency, all while blaming it on US sanctions, then you will know that a full-blow “financial war” is under way.  Moral of the story, we might soon look up and find ourselves sitting at the chess table staring at a wise old Russian Grandmaster who has knowingly setting us up for a “deep game.” I am telling you now, Russia is clearly playing it’s own game…by it’s own set of rules and anything is possible!