Professional Hedge Execution

We do NOT require that any of our clients have or use a futures or options “hedge account”. However, if you are looking for a place to clear your business or help you with your transactions you are more than welcome to call my personal broker.

I use Mark Knight and his team of licensed and professional advisor for all of my trading needs. I personally hired Mark, over 20 years ago while at the KCBOT, and he does a tremendous job.  His firm “Ag Hedge” has helped drastically increase our clients overall performance by providing the latest in cost effective, flexible trade technology and execution services.

Mark allows all Farm Direction clients to set-up and establish a personal hedge or speculative account with “NO-Minimum Balance”. This allows you to set-up an account with zero money and no commitments. This way if you ever need to use the account the paperwork is already completed, the account is open and you are ready to go.

Another reason I like using Ag Hedge is because their trade execution platforms and order entry systems have not only been designed to handle individual client needs, but also the needs of active Hedge Funds, CTA’s, Commercials, and Institutional Traders who are looking to increase their execution services without increasing their costs of operation.

All of their transactions are made using multi-broker electronic routing systems backed up by traditional direct floor pit access phone communication. This gives them the ability to work orders for our clients in the most efficient means available at any given time. Certain market conditions may dictate using electronic routing of orders where in other situations we may want to call directly to the floor and get a feel for the market before executing our trade.

Regardless of the size of your account or the markets you are trading, they provide all of our clients with unequalled service, trade execution and reliability.

Call and talk to one of their execution specialist today to determine which platform and trade execution program best fits your needs.

  • Broker Assisted Trade Execution
  • Online Trading Platforms
  • Direct Floor Access
  • 3rd Party Trade Execution
  • Commercial & Institutional Trade