Helping Producers With Cash Marketing & Hedging Strategies

As a professional traders for more than 20 years at the CBOT and the KCBOT, I know just how important it is to have the right information and strategy in place when trying to make the most opportune cash sales.

In an effort to better help producers with their cash marketing strategies and risk management techniques, I recently left the exchange and launched Farm Direction.  I now produce a daily e-mail that is jam packed with insightful commentary, helpful tips and detailed strategies you can use to generate better cash sales and risk management strategies.

I am different from the other advisory type services in the fact that I do not own a brokerage firm or work for a crop insurance agency. This allows me to give you my unbiased opinion and thoughts regarding the markets, your particular operation and strategies you may want to consider. Unlike the others my revenue is exclusively based on the monthly and or annual service fee I charge for my newsletter services.

My professional experience and global contacts will prove to be a valuable part of your marketing success.  Several of my clients continue using their current advisors, but choose to bring me on board in order to provide them with an unbiased secondary opinion about the markets true direction. I have helped many clients better understand the true dynamics and global events that now influence the agricultural markets.

Too often farmers are overwhelmed by the complexity and strategies that “fund” managers are using to drive and manipulate the prices of corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, hogs, etc… I help simplify this process and act as a guide, teaching you you to where to look for common road blocks, pitfalls, and traps in the market. My information will make it much easier for you to time the market and make improve cash sales.

There is certainly no debate that during the the past several years we have seen very volatile price action in the agricultural markets. If we look ahead, industry data and market research shows it is only going to become more volatile as funds increase in size and wealth.

Regardless, if you are a producer, consumer, or speculator you are going to need a professional plan, strategy and a seasoned professional on board to help you navigate the course.

I truly believe we in the beginning stages of a very explosive movement. I feel we have seen just brief glimpses of the extreme price swings that lie ahead. As global demand continues to surge, and more financial interest flocks our direction extreme volatility will soon become the norm.

I truly believe that if producers, investors and traders can properly position themselves to take advantage of these extreme price swings they will have an amazing opportunity during the next few years to capture and lock in very large returns.

I launched Farm Direction to provide you with the news, information and strategies that will help you properly position yourselves in these adverse market conditions and extremely volatile times.

In addition I have developed some fantastic research tools, automated cash marketing programs and in-depth hedging strategies that are helping my clients make more opportune cash sales, more informed hedging decisions and insightful marketing thoughts regarding the short and long term price direction of  Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cattle and Hogs.

I hope you enjoy my daily market commentary and find my information both helpful and informative,
Kevin Van Trump
CEO Farm Direction