Frequently Asked Questions

“I Want to Start Helping You Improve Your Marketing Efforts Today…”

First let me answer a few questions that most prospective clients want to know.

Q: What makes you any different than all of the other marketing advisors?

A. What I offer is unlike the others in the industry. To start with I do not own, operate or work for a brokerage firm or crop insurance company, therefor I have no vested interest in talking you into trades, hedges or coverage’s you do not need. I focus my attention on helping you improve your current marketing techniques, not over complicating the process with confusing and complicated new strategies. I have no contracts to sign, I work on a month by month basis for you and your operation, if you are every unhappy with my services you owe me nothing.

Q. How will you help me?

A. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, as both a professional trader and advisor I have learned what farmers need in order to improve their profits. It starts by building a detailed comprehensive marketing plan that can produce results in both good and bad markets. As part of your team I will build and design a strategic marketing plan specific for your operation. The plan will be comprehensive in nature and supply you with specifics as when and where to sell, how much to sell, and ways you can easily improve your marketing results in any market condition. This completely automated program is your to keep, regardless of if you chose to continue working with Farm Direction. The program will forever change the way you look at your marketing efforts, improved results will be immediate, and the custom program is yours to keep.

Q. Will you be able to tell me when I should Sell orHedge?

A. Once we have completed your custom marketing plan, and really understand your goals and objectives we are ready to take “Action”. For most of my clients this is the part of their program where it often falls to pieces. For most it is the simple lack of understanding or development of a solid plan or more specifically the marketing tools that are available and at their disposal during various market conditions, this puts the entire load of their marketing program on one big decision – to sell or not to sell.

As you will learn once you start using your professionally designed and highly effective marketing plan, the decision of when to sell grain is going to actually be very simple, when to pull the trigger and with how much will no longer be an emotional knee-jerk reaction to the market. Your decision to execute a sale will be based on your specific predetermined risk parameters, goals and objectives. With today’s rapid price fluctuations you must be able to execute and take action immediately, you can longer afford to take the watch and react approach. You must change your strategy to become more “Pro” active and less “Re” active. The market is changing rapidly and you need to change accordingly.

My goal is to help you make a more well educated timely decision and provide you with feedback and thoughts about your toughest marketing decisions:

  • Should I Sell Now or Later?
  • Should I Hedge for latter sale or to retain ownership of sold grain?
  • Should I Store My Grain Now for a latter sale?
  • How Much Should I Store?
  • Should I Hedge Any or All of What I Stored?

Once a decision has been made that prices and market conditions warrant a consideration to sell grain, the next decision is what strategy to use. Sell straight cash (or forward contract) use HTA’s, Basis Contracts, futures options, etc…This decision can frequently be worth $0.25 or more.

Q. Can you help me find the right strategies for my particular situations?

A. I found that though creating the right plan for them was essential, most of my clients where wanting more. They wanted to have someone to call, someone they could ask about specific market conditions or strategies they could use to lock in a price, and still have upside potential. I provide my clients with that service. Having worked for years at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Kansas City Board of Trade I have made some of the best contacts in the business. I have the information you want and need to make better marketing decisions. All of my clients call or e-mail for honest insight and information about the current market conditions.

I also help all of my clients build specific strategies based on their particular situation, this provides them with what I call “marketing- options”. They tell me their current situation, what they are thinking about doing, their current thoughts about the market, if they want to free up some cash and still have upside potential, if they want o lock in some profits, or earn income while storing their grains. From there I go to work and build three or four strategies that would accomplish these goals, I present the techniques and strategies, also provide them with the associated risk involved in each, the money (if any) required to perform implement each, and from there my clients can make a more educated decision about what strategy best fits their individual needs and risk.

Example: The Wilson’s have 300,000 bushels of corn in the bin heading into the winter months, the corn has been tough to dry out and there is fear that shrinkage could occur. They call in and want help or suggestions on what to do.

After more discussion we find out the Wilson’s believe the market is eventually going to head higher, but they are worried about the quality of the corn. After more talk Joe tells us they are getting a little cash strapped, they have a big family vacation planned and a daughter that is getting married.

We go to work and come up with three specific strategies and scenarios where the Wilson’s could free up some cash, still play the market to the upside, and reduce their worries or fears about the quality of corn in the bin. Each strategy is sent to the Wilson’s in an easy to understand format with specifics regarding cost, potential, risk, etc…The Wilson’s can then use those scenarios if they see fit or they can call in for further details and information regarding each strategy.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know?

A. In addition to helping you take Action and Implementing your Marketing Strategies, I am committed to keeping you up to date on the latest developments and breaking market news. You will be sent weekly, monthly and daily updates regarding specific market action relevant to your operation. These reports and updates are in an easy to read format that makes following the markets quick and painless. No longer will you be forced to spend hours sifting through hard to read research and technical data to find out what moved the market. Our Farm Direction Reports are packed full of accurate quick hitting market news and information. You will also have access to free market “text quotes” or friendly phone quotes provided by our professional staff.

One Last Thought…

Being a farmer in today’s volatile market is not much different than my career as a professional trader, I am sure we have both had our fair share of restless nights due to unforeseen market movements or extreme price swings.

More times than not I found my self in those precarious situations because I had no detailed trading plan, no detailed exit strategy, and no detailed profit objective. With no detailed plan in place it became extremely emotional and more times than not I made very poor decisions. I would exit a trade and the market would immediately turn around, I would be kicking myself for weeks as I watched it rally to new highs. It was not until I learned proper risk management strategies and how to build effective risk models from a few of the seasoned pros that I was able to take the emotion out of game and was finally able to make good sound educated decisions.

With the price swings of today’s grain and livestock markets, a marketing plan that can produce results not only in a bull market, but when the market is moving against us or in a choppy sideways trend will be imperative for your long term success. I understand how to build that plan, as a member of your marketing team I will also be by your side to explain a host of additional marketing strategies and techniques you can use or implement in various market conditions or situations to improve your profitability.

Screen Shot Examples of an Automated Custom Designed “FD PRO Marketing Plan”