Look At What Other Producers Are Saying About Us

Through the years I have met many wonderful people, and have developed many long-term friendships. Hopefully along the way I have helped to educate many and provided them with valuable information, insight and strategies to help improve their overall marketing results.

Below is just a small sample of the “Thank-You’s” I have received.

“I love having a guy like Kevin on my team, trying to make sense of these volatile markets. His experience and willingness to share with producers is a definite plus and pleasure to deal with…”
L.D. Wheatley,ON


“We are fairly new to marketing our crops as we were dairy farmers. We appreciate all the advice and help we receive from Mr. Van Trumps emails. Thank you for providing this service…”
Valley View Farm, Saint Olaf, Iowa

“The best 10 minutes you will spend every day is reading Kevin Van Trump’s Farm Direction daily report
M.A., Milford, IL

“I had been following Kevin off and on for a year or so. Finally took the Free trial subscription. His advice and reccomendations have been so correct it has been a joy. I have never followed advice before that was any better than 50-50. I am a faithful follower now…”
J.N. Corwith, Iowa

“You can take Kevin’s info to the bank…period.”
J.O. Loogootee, IN

“While not a farmer but as a old BOT member and grain trader for over 35 years your letter is very informative and is very complete in covering the news of the day..”
D.E. Portland, OR

“Kevin’s “Farm Direction Report” provides me with a very informative daily buzz on each major ag commodity. Kevin’s special updates are great and proof of his dedication to be the best advisory service ever!”
D.C. Oklahoma

“I have folowed many advisory services, most are not worth the space they take up!! They seem to get caught up in their own bias and cant see the forest for the trees. Kevin Van Trump is the EXCEPTION, his recomendations are concise and gives you the information you need to make effective marketing decisons. He is on top of all events that affect agriculture–if you have tried the rest–you owe it to yourself to go with the best–Kevin Van Trump!”
Eugene Van Winkle

“Muchas gracias por su información. He realizado una opción en el Cbot con sus consejos….”
Daniela Vassolo- Argentina – Tres Arroyos

“I am not a very large farmer–so I did’nt think it made much sense to pay for pricey grain info”–Kevin provides that kind of rock solid advice at an unequaled price; and so much more–including world info, fuel and stock market thought’s. In 5 month’s time Kevin improved my bottom line by many thousand’s Of $$ !!! Keep up the good work ! My favororite e-mail of the day!”
R.C. Arlington, SD.

“I am an avid reader; Kevin daily report is informative and right on. I finally am making good sales with our wheat and have the information to back our decisions.”
S.S. Tulelake, CA.

“I wanted to improve my marketing this year, after selling my corn last year at a price that was one to two dollars below the average for the year. My best move has been to subscribe too Kevin’s Farmdirection market e-mails and news service. He is very informative on what is happening at the board, and around the world. News that I would never know, on my own! His marketing advice has helped me be a better farmer!”
S.R. Maple Park IL

“Kevin’s approach is fundamental, technical, and aggressive towards profit taking. Farmers need to get on board – he’s not just trading to make money, but to help U.S, agriculture survive…”
C.T., Pepin, WI

“We have been farming in eastern Colorado since 1958 and feel like Mr. Van Trump’s newsletter is the most honest, cut thru the B.S.report I have ever come across…”
D.D. Fort Morgan,CO

“Insight and a willingness to share valuable advice is difficult to come by these days. Kevin’s report is truly inspiring…”
Ian Walker, Vancouver, Canada.

“I am really impressed by the amount of information that Mr. Van Trump distributes on all the commodites on a daily basis. Thanks again for all the info…”
R.E. State Center IA

“I have been farming for over 50 years, during that time I have looked at or subscribed to almost every advisor type service out there. Mr. Van Trump’s Farm Direction is hands down the winner…”
T.D. Champaign, IL

“Kevin’s advice and different views of the market has helped me add to my profits. I look forward to getting his e-mail every day to see his thoughts and information that effects the markets. Thanks!!”
T.W. Washburn,IL

“I have never seen anyone provide such great information all in one daily report, I can’t wait to read each new daily e-mail…”
D.S. Big Falls, MN

“I’ve only been reading Mr. Van Trumps comments for a few months now,but he has already added tens of thousands to our bottom line over the advice I was using. We farm about thirteen thousand acres, I don’t have time to read everything I should. Love his Readers Digest style,(short,accurate,to-the-point,no-bull,just the facts ma’am). Look forward to reading every morning…”
Paul Mayclin, Mayclin Farms Partnership Plankinton, SD

“Kevin’s advice and information has as helped me save several thousands of dollars over the years, I am extremely grateful to have found his services…”
T.L. Wayne, NE

“I really look forward to Kevin’s view on the news and events that shape and drive our markets. He includes facts, humor, insider knowledge and a hint of sarcastic wit that reflects his confidence in himself and his ability to deliver a quality product on a daily basis. Keep up the great work…”
Michael Stubbs, Lacrosse Washington

“I am farming in France and I have spent a long time looking for foreign agricultural commodity information. In the end I have found Mr. Van Trump’s newsletter to hands down the “best”… It offers a full range of both U.S. and international farming news, and allows me to make much better marketing decisions…”
Jean Mac Clenihan Chandon Ainay le Château

“Kevin Van Trump and his daily report has really helped me improve my marketing results. He put’s things in an easy to understand format. I have learned so much during the past couple of years, I encourage everyone in the farming industry to subscribe to his information even if you have an advisor you already are working with…”
J.J. Manchester, IA

“Kevin’s’ daily Farm Direction report provides superior global and local economic information. Information that is an invaluable resource when making grain sales decisions…”
B.H. Monticello, IL

“I love reading Kevin Van Trumps daily reports. He covers so many different markets and with great accuracy. He also makes them easy to understand. I can trust Kevin’s advice!”
G.S. Seward, NE

“The best thing i like about Kevin’s report,is that i can understand what he is trying to get across to me, instead of trying to figure out all that marketing mumble jumbo that i get from other services i have tried. Everyday, he puts a lot of information in his one page email, unbelievable…”
M.O. Somewhere in MN.

“Kevin Van Trump and his Farm Direction advisory service are an important part of our marketing decision process. He provides us with the day to day info from at home and abroad that keeps us feeling confident about our ability’s to farm in the new age of agriculture! I look forward to the info everyday!”
J.S. Watford, Ontario Canada

“I enjoy reading Mr. Van Trump’s total coverage. I follow financials, world weather and the grain market. He accurately covers them all plus more. Great advisory service…”
Wayne Halvorson, Chatfield, Mn.

“I just recently started receiving Kevin’s report and I must say that his straight forward and comprehensive approach is a relief to read. As I subscribe to three other reports Kevin’s report is the first one in the the morning I read and I find myself not reading the others as their is no need to…”
J. Schmitz Rosalia, Wa

“I am a very loyal subscriber, I find the Farm Direction daily newsletter covers that day’s market projections, but even more important it covers the long range expectations based on factual data along with information that comes from Kevin keeping his ear to many sources about all the markets and market influences. Excellent newsletter to stay in tune with worldwide markets and equities…”
Charles J. Hendricks, Long time South Dakota owner of Ag land

“I have been working with Kevin for only a short time but already have been really impressed. He gives out very good advice and calls it like he sees it, not like he thinks it should be…”
John Carroll LA

“Kevin Van Trump, has the best knowledge of the market place, that I have been around, and in his Farm Direction letter there is more information than any one else see’s in the market. It is an easey decision maker for me to sell grain or options…”
M. S. Hamburg IA

“Having been involved in international markets around the world, I appreciate the information that Farm Direction brings into perspective every day. This service helps make marketing decisions with solid information not only from a US but also an International perspective. His marketing advice has helped me to capture the last dollars and cents in a very volatile market this year. Kevin Van Trump puts together strategies that limit risk but allow profitability to be captured…”
K.D. Champaign, Illinois

“I can honestly say even though I now receive 5 different Grain marketing daily services I learn much more from Kevin’s morning email than the others combined. Markets are now based on worldwide weather conditions, world wide political and economic conditions. We are long past the days of studying fundamentals and tracking local basis movement. Grain markets are affected by everything from the value of the Euro to Chinese interest rate swings, to did North Korea really fire on South Korea. I think Kevin has as good a handle on what will affect the Commodities markets as anyone I have followed. I am looking forward to a long and profitable relationship…”
Greg Kruger, Ohio Producer

“A while back, I found a very readable article by Kevin Van Trump & was amazed at his wide scope of world information on our grain commodities. He is upfront and direct in his opinions of where the markets are headed… I can’t wait to read his daily writings and comments each morning. On top of his years of experience, I have personally seen the depth, heart, & real concern he has for the farm community. I knew his writings and his wide range of contacts will aid me in selling my stored grain near the top of the market. All my thanks and appreciation go to Mr. Van Trump…”
I remain sincerely, Lizzie a.k.a. Rosalee Mosburg, Stone City Cherokee, KS

“I am new to Kevin Van Trump but in the short time that I have been reading him, I have been impressed. His articles are easy to understand and filled with good information…”
K.B., Crete, NE

“I’m reading Kevin’s info daily, always offer a lot of news and rumors, he is a very good information source, it is hard to hear it by other place or person. Thanks for your work…”
L.P., Buenos Aires- Argentina

“I look forward to reading Van Trump’s daily newsletter each morning. Very informative and thought provoking…”
Paul Reinitz

“I subscribe to many online marketing services. I just stumbled open Kevin’s site and I was amazed at the plethora of information in his daily reports. I can’t wait to read all of his commentary each day. Kevin’s information and insight site by far tops them all. Thanks for the info Kevin…”
Ross Hebert Abbeville LA

“I find Kevin’s newsletters very interesting. Kevin has interesting observations on the entire world situation. Reading his entire newlsetter is time well spent…”
K.D. Wheatland Iowa

“I have been recieving Kevins advice only for a short time. I already feel I could do a better job of marketing our crops and purchasing fuel. I look forward to his daily reports…”
J.F. Melrose MN

“I love reading Kevin Van Trumps daily reports. He covers so many different markets and with great accuracy. He also makes them easy to understand. I can trust Kevin’s advice!”
G.S. Seward, NE

“I have been farming and playing the markets for forty years now. Of the various market reports and advisories that I receive the one that I look forward to the most is Van Trump’s. It contains information that I find no where else and I much enjoy his breezy style of writing…”
Dr. Charles W. Eriksen Oakland, IL

“Mr. Van Trump provides very valuable info into these unbelievably volatile markets. I feel so fortunate to have found his services. Out of the dozens of emails I receive daily, his is the always the first to get read…”
J.H. Hay Springs, NE

“I enjoy reading the Farm Direction Market letter each day. I’m just a tiny farmer in Ohio. Wish I had the money to try and take advantage of some of the suggestions Kevin throws out…”
HB SW Ohio

“I have been very impressed with your newsletter seems to the best around, Thank you…”
LLH Rexburg, ID.

“Since no one has a crystal ball—I feel Kevin Van Trump throws more items on the table which helps in making decisions in this every changing global marketplace..”

“I have gotten up in the middle of the night not knowing if I’m up or down thousands of dollars, wondering what I should do. Knowing that if the markets fall lower how mad I will be at myself I elect to get out, but then when I get out they inevitably go straight to the moon. Having Kevin’s report to read allows me to get some sleep…it truly helps me that much…”
Tim Sisk, Sikeston Mo.

“I”ve never seen a report as close to what the market does as Kevin’s, keep up the good work it interesting and look foward to it daily thanks…”
P B Brandon-MN

“Obviously the ‘all in’ trading style of the large funds make predicting any microeconomic move(which can be huge),with any certainty,an elusive exercise in price discovery….I enjoy reading ‘Farm Direction’,as it presents an intelligent presentation of the prevailing market moving facts,delivered in a humble, trader’s mentality snapshot…Very well thought out,it is comprehensive, and obvious that the author has great passion for his work..”
Mike, Chicago, Illinois

“Kevin’s advice on his daily column is very insightful. Covering all the commodities makes them all relevent. Great job Kevin….”
R.T. Wisner, NE

“I am not even a customer yet. I have been reading Kevin’s comments on a trial basis and they are the most indepth and detailed that I have seen anywhere. I will be signing up so I don’t miss out…”
DL Olton,Texas

“Being a retired absentee ‘crop share’ landlord, I find Kevin’s daily report an excellent way to stay connected on current market conditions. I anticipate his information each day and wish I had discovered it years earlier.”
L.K., Pittsfield, IL

“I appreciate Mr. Van Trump’s daily commentary and find it much more helpful than what I read from other sources. Mr. Van Trump’s market information is complete and thorough, and elucidates the interrelationship of the various commodity markets. It seems he never rests – on a Saturday night (November 20th) he issued a special bulletin to his subscribers in connection with an issue that arose after the markets had closed on Friday. The information could have significantly affected the markets on the next Sunday night’s trading. Though the information turned out to have been partially incorrect and the market’s reaction was muted, this dedication to his subscribers struck me as uncommon. To speculators and farmers alike, he is supportive, informative, and candid.
Dan Long, Orange City, FL

“I am following a few Agriculture newsletters, Kevin’s Farm direction is the best…”
G.M. Vancovuer, BC

“Kevin seems to think like a farmer when he gives his advice—it is easy to understand and seems to be right on!” W.F. Genoa,IL

“Kevin provides great daily market insights as well as keeping us informed on the events around the world that affect those markets. So interesting I even save them often and have my wife read them (she works off the farm)…”
Kurt Thoene Hartington, Nebraska

“Kevin keeps you level headed through the rough and tumble of grain trading. He keeps your eyes open to all possibilities….very helpful…”
L.T. Greenville, RI

“It’s unbelievable the information Kevin has in his daily report! I’ve never seen anything like it, its aw some! Can’t wait for the next report to help me with my daily decisions!”
Steve Brabec, Colon, Nebraska

“I regularly read and compare daily research and market comments from various sources and analysts, never have I gotten such full and comprehensive analysis of the overall market situation in one daily report . Your daily reports became my main news of the day. Please continue providing farmers with your valuable market advice and help us make good profits in this difficult and tough time..”
Alex, Orion, IL

“I am 70 years old and have farmed all of my life. I truly enjoy the depth and width of Van Trump’s knowledge of what impacts the grain market. All of this in one compacted report is amazing…”
Jim Fischer

“Kevin gives a great global perspective of the grain markets. He shows how important it is to not just look at the bountiful harvest we are having here in our own back yards. He gives you reassurance in your longer term perspective when the markets can get a little volatile in the shorter term. Keep up the good work…”
Shane Thoene, Steamboat Springs, CO

“I have found Kevin Van Trumps updates invaluable to my marketing strategy. His sources from around the world provide inside information that I don’t find with other marketing people. His comments give me alot to think about and help take some of the stress out of my marketing strategy…”
Robb H. VA

“I look for your report every day, it is very informative keep sending it thanks…”
Ray Larson Maple Park Ill.

“No NONSENSE grain and world report. Can’t wait to read it everyday. Great track record. LC, Danville, Iowa
A farmer/rancher simply does not have time to sift and sort through the multitude of newsletters, opinions and news events which stream in on a daily basis. Kevin does that for them then produces a well-written, concise and straightforward commentary covering national and world fundamentals which helps producers make the best decisions for their business. It is one of the most complete commentaries available not only for ag producers, but also valuable information for the speculator as well…”

D.K., River Heights, UT.

“I look forward to reading every article that Kevin has written. He is not like every other analyst that will flow with the wind. Kevin is not afraid of going out of the box and giving his real opinion. He sees a big picture and I really enjoy his enthusiastic views…”
B. Garry Minnesota

“I am a recent subscriber to Kevin’s newsletter, but I’m a long-time reader of many other high-profile marketing services. I am particularly impressed with the thorough manner in which Kevin evaluates every economic aspect, both nationally and internationally, that influences commodity prices. His analysis and conclusions are highly thought out and conveyed in layman’s terms so that the reader can comprehend the numerous and often complex interrelationships that impact the markets. Kevin is a real attribute to the agricultural sector.
Allen McGregor, Grand Island, NE

“Gee Kevin, working on Christmas Day- You are dedicated to your clients! I love reading your information that you put out daily, and you always seem very accurate! Keep up the great work!”
Gary Suhr

“Dear Kevin, You have done an amazing job providing us with your daily research and guidance. I’ve never gotten such wise and important market commentary from anyone in the industry. I consider you the greatest and sharpest that I have ever followed…my congratulations, keep up the great work…”
Alex Luckson

“I have been farming for forty years and have read many advisory letters over that time frame.None have been more informative than Kevin Van Trump’s daily news letter. Every day I look forward to reading what is happening in the world of agriculture…”
J. S. Pittsford, NY

“I find Kevin’s commentary very pertinent and extensive. This type of information is vital in the fast paced world markets we find ourselves operating in these days. His comments are very helpful in getting a “feel” of
what’s going on around the world and how it may effect our business…”

C.M. Missouri

“I have the trial subscription and have found it very helpful in selling my grain. Even though we are not big farmers, the information certainly helped to know we should hold on to some of the grain for later sales. We find your advice outstanding in explaining what is happening in the markets and why. You have better information than I have received elsewhere. Thank you…”
Eloise Laible

“Kevin’s daily email with marketing advice is top of the class filled with great information with unique hedge and speculative strategies that help enhance profitablity…”
Jeremey Frost, Grain Merchandiser Midwest Coop’s

“Kevin’s service is consise, insightfull, and personal. He will take the time to address your individual situation. A huge stress releiver in this market environment. This is market analysis you can use!”
Chris Dexter, MO.

“As a national federal farm policy administrator and commodity producer, I find it critical to keep updated with what is going on in the real world of agriculture and with the domestic and global markets. Of all the services I’ve have been privy to or have subscribed to over the past 20 years I’ve found in the past several months of engaging in your “Farm Direction” services to be the best perception and analysis of what is really happening in today’s world. Not only here in the United States, but across the globe as well. US farmers need this type of help and information to assist them in their daily efforts. I commend you for a job well done. Please let me know if I can ever be of any help or assistance to you in the future…”
L.T. Assistant Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs USDA